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We take time to discuss all your needs, advising you of all the potentials and maximising the areas in question, including any structural alterations to ensure your new bathroom or shower room is perfect for your requirements.

As every room is unique, we can adapt a wide range of modern and traditional designs to suit the environment and space available.


Specialised Work

Wet Room

A modern wet room is a sealed bathroom where floors and walls are sealed to prevent water escaping. It has the benefit of providing a minimalist appearance as a shower tray is not always required which allows easy access, this is particularly helpful for people with reduced movement. A wet room will allow more flexibility for choice of other materials within the bathroom.

Adapted Bathrooms for Special Needs

Adaptations for the less able or special needs, including VAT exemption to aid registered sufferers.

Steam Room

We transform a shower or small en-suite into a personal home spa retreat to enhance your bathing experience. Steam may help relieve tired muscles as warmth penetrates the body. Warm moisture opens the pores of your skin, leaving it softer and more supple. Perspiration during steam bathing may remove impurities from your body. Improved breathing and a sense of cleanliness contribute to a feeling of wellness and fitness. The compact, steam generator units, can generally can be fitted within a cabinet, basement, or insulated attic.

Bespoke Frameless Shower Enclosures channels. Furthermore enclosures can also be fully encapsulated, if

For the ultimate minimal glass concepts, we are able to provide and install frameless or virtually frameless enclosures, which can even be set into specially rebated floor and wall channels. Enclosures can also be fully encapsulated, if extended into the ceiling, making them ideal for full moisture containment.

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Our Services

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